Local design and construction of machinery. On site light engineering work such as design and construction of conveyor systems.

We offer purpose designed product feeding and assembly machines.

Caps Metal & Plastic

Complete lines for the production of plastic caps using the latest in compression moulding technology; folding and slitting machines, and lining machinery. Vision inspection machinery for both plastic and metal caps. Production lines for Aluminium Caps and Crown Seals from the press to finishing, dressing and lining and end of line assembly and storage systems.

Injection Moulding and Tooling

Injection moulding machinery and injection tooling for the production of plastic caps.

Wadding Machinery

To wad plastic caps and closures, roll machinery or wadding using pre-cut wads.


Offering a range of production and packaging machinery for all areas of manufacturing Industrial, Household and Chemical, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical.

Machines such as, but not limited to -

  • Capping Machines for Plastic Screw Caps; Push On Caps; Crown Seals and ROPP Caps machinery to suit every capping application
  • Vacuum Capping machines for the food and beverage industry
  • Filling machinery (rotary and linear) designed for gravity, vacuum, volumetric, mass flow and weigh filling
  • Pouch and Doy machinery to form fill and seal, or for pre-made pouch and doy packaging
  • Aseptic Filling Machines in either rotary or linear design for UHT dairy products and other types of product
  • Rinsing machinery either air or water rinsers including in-line rinsing machinery.
  • Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machinery
  • Case and Tray Packing Machinery including shrink-wrapping, robotic collation and packing of products
  • Over Wrapping Machinery for example cellophane wrapped product cartons
  • Horizontal Flow Wrappers
  • Sachet Machines
  • Stick Pack Machines
  • Skin and Blister Machines for the pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Bottle Un-scramblers of Linear and or Centrifugal design
  • Tablet Counters or complete tablet-manufacturing lines
  • Fillers for powdered and or granulated products
  • Bag In Box fillers
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment-┬áitems such as phial fillers, syringe fillers, phial washing and cleaning, vision inspection systems to detect particulate, missing caps, wrong colour caps, cracks, chips, and missing seals for example.
  • Drum and IBC Fillers complete filling lines for these large containers including tank cleaning and large vessel cleaning equipment